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Manners Matter: How To Make People Feel

Have you ever been to a party or event where you just never felt comfortable? Have you ever been an invited guest, but you just did not feel welcome? Chances are, you were a valued guest and you were welcome. Unfortunately, well-meaning hosts and hostesses often try to take on too much and are too stressed out to enjoy their own event. This, of course, is a burden to all the guests and ruins the experience for everyone.

Sadly, I have had this experience and, unfortunately, I have probably created this experience for others. Wanting to impress my guests I tried a new dish that did not come out or I failed to allow enough time for the final touches and was an exhausted mess for the first 30 minutes...but I have learned from my mistakes. I have realized that being me and taking time to honor each guest with my sanity makes everyone feel better. Hospitality is a gift, but it is also an art that requires practice. Take a look at this list of tips to ensure your next event is the best it can be!

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