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Holly Rennels is Personal Wordsmith. Since 2016, she has written more than 3000 works including wedding speeches, eulogies, poems, prayers, and a children’s picture book! A second book in the Charming series is coming in the fall of 2024 and a Book of Baby Blessings will be available July 2024 as well! Holly is passionate about language and the power of words. Good manners, loving Jesus, taking tea, and engaged parenting are topics she covers in her weekly blog. Combining a gift of gab with all things “trad”, Holly hopes to influence the next generation to get out of their sweat pants holding a smart phone and into a strand of pearls carrying a Bible.

Sarah Ruff is the illustrator of the Charming series. She is the married mother of one beautiful daughter. A small-town girl, Sarah focuses her art on murals, book covers, and other commissioned works. She has a bucket list of art projects to complete and illustrating a children’s book was a great start!

BOOK RELEASE: First time author releasing children’s book Charleston, IL A new children’s character with old fashioned values is ready to launch. Introducing Charming Holly Chrystal is the story of an inquisitive child struggling to understand idioms often used to describe her. A first book by Personal Wordsmith, it uses whimsical verse and realistic illustrations to connect with young readers. It will release first as an e-book with paperback, board book, and audio book versions to follow. Personal Wordsmith (PW) began offering writing services and producing poetry in 2016 through an Etsy shop. Growth and experience have created the opportunity to venture into children’s books. This inaugural release is dedicated to the author’s parents, Odetta Patterson and the late Lewis Greer of Mineral Bluff, Georgia. Holly Rennels, sole proprietor of PW, has been ghost writing for years and is excited to self-publish a book illustrated by Sarah Ruff. Holly is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Fannin County High School in Blue Ridge, Georgia. She is a wife and mother of two and mother-in-love to one. Sarah is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University and Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond High School. She is also married with a brand new baby! The creative team met working together in retail. Holly considers Sarah her “work daughter!” and hopes this collaboration will lead to more opportunities for them both.

COVER REVEAL: Introducing Charming Holly Chrystal Charleston, IL Do you want to support the creative efforts of independent writers, small businesses, and small-town artists? Today’s creative landscape is dominated by celebrity writers and large corporations. That is why Personal Wordsmith chose to forego the months long process of being traditionally published even though the opportunity was available. Instead, this first children’s book will be wholly written, edited, copyrighted, and published by Personal Wordsmith. Illustrations in the book were produced by Sarah Ruff. Introducing Charming Holly Chrystal is the story of an inquisitive, talkative little girl who struggles to understand the idioms often used to describe her. Written in whimsical verse, this story is a quick read appropriate for bedtime your little one is sure to enjoy and quickly imitate. This book offers no agenda, just a sweet, innocent tale of a young lady with an adorable nickname. Personal Wordsmith is the DBA of Holly Rennels. Holly is a resident of Charleston, Illinois who was born and raised in Mineral Bluff, Georgia. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia, and married mother of two hoping her side hustle grows into her encore career. Sarah Ruff is a resident of Tuscola, Illinois and this is her inaugural book as an illustrator, as well. A graduate of Eastern Illinois University, Sarah is a Central Illinois native who is married with one infant daughter. She is an independent artist who focuses on illustration and murals.

PAPERBACK RELEASE: Introducing Charming Holly Chrystal Charleston, IL Personal Wordsmith has self-published an illustrated children’s book that is currently available as an e-book. This modern nursery rhyme is a short read appropriate for bedtime. Inspire your child’s imagination with full color illustrations and whimsical verse as Holly tries to understand idioms that seem to make no sense. Like a new friend who is instantly familiar, Charming Holly Chrystal will soon be your child’s favorite silly story. Personal Wordsmith is owned and operated by Holly Rennels of Charleston, IL. For the last seven years she has been producing poetry and commissioned speeches in an Etsy shop. She recently upgraded her website and is now a children’s author and book publisher. A graduate of Fannin County High School in Blue Ridge, Georgia and the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, Holly is the married mother of two children who is finally realizing a childhood dream. Introducing Charming Holly Chrystal was illustrated by Sarah Ruff of Tuscola, IL. Sarah is Holly’s “work daughter” from days when they were both in retail. A graduate of Eastern Illinois University and ALAH High School, Sarah is the married mother of one precious baby girl. She is living the dream of being both an illustrator and mural artist. Both Holly and Sarah are still available for commissions, but hope this book leads to a series based on Holly’s very interesting family and childhood in a small town. The e-book is also available on Amazon (Kindle), Kobo, Kdswrd, Etsy, and



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Email to schedule your reading or have Holly from Personal Wordsmith attend your book fair, women’s event, conference, or church service.

Personal Wordsmith will donate one book for the library, one for a door prize, and one as a host gift (3 books per event). Signed books will be available for $4.99 to event participants.


  • Personal Wordsmith was founded in 2016 as an Etsy shop to sell poetry and speeches.

  • Personal Wordsmith is an Etsy shop, website, and self-published author wholely owned and operated by Holly Rennels.

  • Personal Wordsmith serves wedding officiants, couples, public speakers, pastors, and Christians from all walks of life.

  • Currently operating from Charleston, IL, Holly is originally from Mineral Bluff, Georgia.

  • Reach Personal Wordsmith by emailing

  • Champion extemporaneous speaker, published author, and thousands of 5 star reviews.

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