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When President Washington wrote this, no doubt he was wearing shoes in which he had walked many miles. Back then, this decorum standard was more about not getting your pants or skirt dirty than actual etiquette. In a modern translation, however, the rule holds up.

Our current obsession with joggers, leggings, and pajamas in public has given place to a feeling we can make ourselves at home anywhere we go. It is not so and it drives me crazy. I do not want to see your muddy boots when I am eating a $40 steak, thank you very much. "This is why we can't have nice things" is a phrase that comes to mind. Some of us only treat ourselves to restaurants on occasion and we would like to take it all in quietly, calmly, and in a dignified manner.

When I go out, I want to get dressed up and make it special. When the person across the way doesn't, it impedes my enjoyment. It becomes a distraction to my ability to enjoy an elegant evening. Squirming children, loud conversation and feet that do not live on the floor are problematic in public. Would that more people were aware. I guess that 's why I am writing this series and hoping someone will pay attention.

At home, do whatever you like. In my home, I will gently correct you if you are not behaving well. In public, let's all do our part to be inobtrusive co-travelers whenever we cross paths.

Manners matter so here's a list of tips and tricks about sitting while in public view.

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