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Who is Charming Holly Chrystal? A delightful new character in children's literature with old fashioned values. Written in whimsical verse, this story follows Holly as she tries to understand idioms used to describe her that seem to make no sense.


As an indie author, Personal Wordsmith is working with a local publisher to self-publish this kid's book in her very own voice: simple, sweet, and silly!  Support this new character by joining Team Charming! Show your support by wearing this simple tee shirt or carrying a team Charming tote bag. 


*All merchandise is made to order and funds the initial printing of the book. Purchasers of this tee will be invited to view the e-book for FREE! 

**primary color is the shirt color, secondary color is the lettering color


Team Charming Women's Crew Neck Tee Shirt

Excluding Sales Tax
Lettering Color
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