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WORDS MATTER: Freedom "OF" Religion, NOT Freedom "FROM" It

Some of my fellow citizens wish the founders had just stopped after "Congress shall make no law." Given how they misinterpret, misconstrue, and mistreat the Constitution, some "law makers" actually defer to alphabet agencies, power hungry executives, and unelected bureaucrats rather than take a stand. The signatories of the original document understood the need for checks and balances and it is high time we reinstate them, as designed.

The leading litigious malcontent suing every school, business, church, and entity literally calls itself the "Freedom From Religion Foundation". Not only are those not the words, it was also never the intention of the founders to eliminate persons of faith from public service. The oft cited "separation of church and state" actually does not appear in the Constitution at all. That phrase is attributed to Thomas Jefferson in response to a question posed by a church. The sentiment, however, is worthy of consideration.

I think liberal politicians have misread this phrase and the intent of the Constitution for a very long time on this matter and I believe Christians today are being called to radically remedy this misunderstanding. The Church, as in the body of Christ, in the United States needs to repent and require separation of church and state based on the words of the Savior Himself.

In Matthew 25, Christ clearly states that it is the responsibility of the CHURCH, not the government, to take care of widows and orphans. It is the job of the believer to visit the imprisoned and sick. Every social safety net program we permit the federal government to tax us to impose is an affront to the role Christians are supposed to play in society. Shame on us.

Why is church attendance down? Government intrusion into the Great Commission has made us lukewarm. Why are children not honoring their parents? Government schools have taken the "in loco parentis" principle to its absurd, but inevitable, end. Why is marriage down and fatherlessness up? Government welfare enables immoral relationships and eliminates the need for commitment in parental union. Why do kids not understand who God designed them to be and natural sexual relationships? Government DEI programs and woke academics have replaced reading, writing and arithmetic with grooming, imagining, and feelings exploration....and Christian parents have themselves to blame. We have outsourced everything to the government, and it is time to bring it back home.

What is a parent to do? First, get your family in a Bible believing church that is active in community ministry. Secondly, get your kids away from government influence. Third, write your elected officials from the school board to the White House and demand the government be limited in size, scope, and local influence. We the people, the Judeo-Christian people, of the United States require separation of church and state. Churches work for the community, the government works for us.

God Bless America...and forgive us, too.

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