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Wishes from the Wordsmith

I hope this little list of wishes makes you think. I hope it provokes you to action on behalf of God, family, and country. I am discovering that I actually wish a lot of things would happen. Wishes do not come true, however, unless we make a plan and do the work.

I wish more people lived their lives according to Biblical principles. I wish more of us understood that using the Word of God as our standard is a privilege. Boundaries are freeing. They set precise terms for behavior. Knowing exactly what is expected allows us to live at peace with those around us. Is it any wonder we live in a divided world filled with chaos?

I wish more families built their homes on Biblical principles. The Bible says we are slaves to sin and to debt. Good stewardship in our personal lives and finances yields blessings that last generations. Teaching our children to be better stewards of their time and talents is all but non-existent in the world today. Hardwork is neither modeled nor valued. Is it any wonder family units dissolve seemingly without thought?

I wish the laws of the land were applied through the lens of Biblical principles. From an open border to career politicians, the letter of the Constitution, a document based on the Bible, is not being followed and we are paying dearly for it. We are risking the safety and sovereignty of our country for what? I pray for those in political office that they would uphold the pledges they have taken to defend the Constitution. It does not live, neither does it breathe. It is the law of the land and there are provisions for the occasional amendment should they be necessary. Is it any wonder we are a divided, polarized people?

The Bible is foundational to civil society. When society seems to decline, it is because Biblical principles have been abandoned. This has never been truer than it is today. I wish, I hope, and I sincerely pray that we will return to the principles that make people faithful, familial, and free. Lord, may it be so!

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