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Why I Love the Bill of Rights

I sincerely believe that the United States of America was founded though divine inspiration. Of course, that does not mean that the Constitution or the Bill of Rights is on par with the Bible. I believe the Bible is more than inspired by God. I believe it is God breathed; the work of the Holy Spirit.

In the Bible, God gave us 10 Commandments to govern the way we live. If everyone just filtered their decisions though these ten foundational laws, we would be a world at peace. Alas we are not capable, as a society, of keeping the Law perfectly. That is why we needed a Savior. When Jesus came, he didn't stop at the letter of the Law, He told us to take every thought captive. Christ said that it is not enough to obey the Law, we must repent of thinking about breaking the Law.

The founders of the USA gave us a 10-point list of absolute rights, given by God, not man, that should not be infringed by the government. Of course, state by state, little by little, the "government" does attempt to diminish the freedom of the citizenry. Citizens run for office with sincere, honest intentions. Then, they get a taste of power and begin to doubt the intelligence of the people who elected them and they seek more power. This cycle leads to corruption and we land in a place that does not resemble the founding of the freest nation on earth.

I love the Bill of Rights, though. I appreciate that after months of arguing and bickering, through toil, sweat, and tears our founding fathers made a "10 Commandments" for the citizens of the USA. I admire the gumption required to lay out specific liberties and rights that every citizen, regardless of age, race, gender or station is entitled to enjoy.

The point? Do not give up these enshrined rights without a fight. Enjoy your right to assemble and speak and bring issues to your "government". Exercise your right to defend your home and loved ones as you see fit. Kick soldiers out of your house if you want to. Each of these rights has a meaning and a purpose. We, Christians, mothers, lovers of freedom need to ensure that we are fully availing ourselves of the Divine rights we enjoy as US citizens.

May God bless America, her leaders, and her citizenry with wisdom and the courage to live up to our founding.

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