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What I Wish Every Woman Knew...

In my little "wish" series, I am sharing the wisdom I have garnered over my fifty years on this rock. There is a pervasive feminism in our culture that has absolutely nothing to do with being feminine. Men have to be toxic, tradition has to be diminished, and edginess is embraced in lieu of refinement.

I wish women knew that the Church was the first place where women were treated with equal value to men. The Lord said that in His church there is no male or female, slave or free. God looks on our hearts, not our race, gender, or station (paraphrase of Galations 3). This does NOT mean that we are free to choose our race, gender, or station. We are born into those. Of course, if we are worthy workmen and diligent, we can improve our education and open doors of opportunity for ourselves. But, the church needs strong women and the Bible gives incredible examples: Ruth, Deborah, Esther and so many others of the strength and dignity of Godly women. The vast influence women had, even in a world that viewed them as property, is nothing short of miraculous. The church was and is an institution that values women on every level.

I wish every woman knew that motherhood is the most freeing and fulfilling thing she will ever encounter. It is natural and normal and important. There is no higher calling and no more profound influence than that of a mommy. Today, women are told that babies are burdens and pregnancy is a curse and tossing your unborn child on the altar of convenience is empowering. But, it is not true. Careless, meaningless sex is not freedom, it is a prison that breaks the hearts and spirits of women. We are free to choose, but we are not free from the consequences of our choices. I wish women would choose life and marriage and motherhood.

Finally, I wish women who hate America would move. Where is life for a woman any better than it is here? Here a woman can have a career or a family. She can even have a career and a family. Women here can work part time or full time or strictly as a homemaker. Ladies can attend any school, earn any degree, serve in any branch of the military, have any job...anything is possible for women in the USA. I wish more women would embrace the beautiful nation we have and not seek to fundamentally change it.

Grateful humility, family focus, and patriotism are traits I wish every woman possessed. Diminishing men diminishes us all. The instinct and longing most women experience drawing them toward motherhood is a blessing, not a curse. God bless America, we have taken wonderful steps toward eliminating barriers for women while allowing personal choices to be truly personal. Faith, family, and freedom should be vigorously pursued and valiantly defended by women. I thank God every day that I get to live right here, right now as a God-fearing mother who loves this country.

May God give us the spines to stand up for femininity without succumbing to the masculinization society would impose. Equality is not "sameness".

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