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TIMELESS: Awakening Tradition

At the founding of the USA, Tyranny was abundant as Monarchies and Empires were beginning to end. Truth, justice, and the American way became the principles upon which the disagreeable citizens of the young nation could agree. Freedom was paramount and faith was prevalent and freely expressed. Debate without fear of retribution was encouraged on the public square and the fledgling government had no interest in taxation at a federal level except as necessary to fund a military. What happened?

Today, we literally live in a world our founding fathers would not recognize. Technology notwithstanding, one could assume they would be saddened by the liberty sacrificed in the name of security. George Washington could have hardly imagined a citizenry that draws no distinction between the natural born and the undocumented. Abraham Lincoln would be aghast at what passes for white supremacy in the 21st century. It is apparent we have all but abandoned the experiment in self reliance and personal responsibility that created the freest, most successful nation to ever grace the earth. It's time to get it back.

One must begin with God. The Truth, in the person of Jesus Christ, is what sets people free. Morally relative personal truths are nothing more than bondage disguised as expression and eccentricity. The church has abdicated its moral authority in the country because the bride of Christ is lukewarm. Too few pastors call unnatural lifestyles sin from the pulpit. Loving correction is necessary and a rebuke of sinful behavior is woefully missing from churches in America. It is time to awaken our churches to the Truth once again. Believers must repent for playing nice with sin and for embracing a coarse culture. The Light of the World and His lights in this world must not be dimmed by political correctness. The Great Commission was given to followers of Christ, not governments. An unsanctified church blends in with the world and is flavorless. If the USA is to remain one nation under God, the Body of Christ must awaken to the Truth and proclaim it loudly.

Secondly, if the United States is to return to true freedom, a great awakening must occur in homes across the country. Parents have outsourced everything from education to supper in an effort to have bigger houses and nicer cars. Skyrocketing divorce rates, cohabitation without the institution of marriage, and permitting unionized liberals to mold children's perceptions about life and sex is costing American kids their innocence and reality. The home is no longer a refuge and that must change. For Christians, the offenses are no less dramatic. Two parent households have been the bedrock of the strong families that produce a heritage of success and privilege in this country since the founding. One need only look to the impoverished communities of the inner city where fathers are absent, and incentivized by welfare to be so, to see the evidence of familial decay. The destruction of the family will precede the fall of the country. If the USA is to remain the greatest hope on earth, families must awaken to their responsibilities in child rearing. Take back education, entertainment, and influence over the youth of our nation or perish at the hands of the foolish.

A third point of moral concession has been adherence to the Constitution. A constitutional republic can not stand when elected officials practically deny the existence of the founding document. The 2020 election brought the country's divisions into the daylight. Hateful terms like "racist" and "-phobic" and "insurrectionist" and "Hitler" have been so overused that they have lost all meaning. Civil discourse has eroded to the point that Conservatives and Liberals seek out separate sources of information, definitions of words, and even versions of reality. A house divided cannot stand. Americans can't even agree on what "American Values" are anymore. Each group lays claim to theirs and the other group has a problem with it. If the USA is to prosper, her citizens need to stop bickering over words and start defining the principles upon which this nation should stand. Freedom isn't free and in one generation it can be lost. Citizens must demand that executive orders not be used to usurp Congress. The Supreme Court must hold accountable those who would defy the Constitution. And citizens must hold them all accountable.

Some would say the red states should divorce the blue states. Red states want to preserve history and blue states want to re-write it. "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness..." is gravely in danger of being lost. Pontificating on these matters is an industry. Politicians have made careers of institutions that were supposed to be administered by citizen servants. The "free press", as it were, has been purchased and in a sea of information, the USA is dying of thirst for Truth. Good Christians, the Church needs to stand up for this nation by kneeling before God. The faithful must reclaim their place as leaders in every institution across this land. WAKE UP! Be complacent no longer.

As for me, I am going to a quiet place. I have disabled most social media, cut off my cable, and decided to fight back differently. The answer to a culture that is coarse is a refining process. God will not shout at us above the noise. He is a gentleman and speaks to us only when we open His word and listen with our hearts. I am going to take the season of Lent, and possibly longer, to pray and meditate and fight in a different realm...where God fights for me. I plan to take Tea in the afternoon on my days off. I will put on my pearls and record my reflections. I will elevate my tone and not succumb to the temptation to argue with those who would reflexively call me names for my beliefs. I will write my elected representatives and pray for them. I will prepare Sunday brunch after church and revive traditions with my family. I will pray for our church leaders and beg God to replace the WOKE with the AWAKENED. I hope to develop a team of war waging ladies of God who wish to quietly sip tea, seek the Truth, and serve this nation together one timeless tradition at a time.

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