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THREE WISHES: Make America Godly Again

I just wish...until I started this little thought experiment, I really did not appreciate that I wish a lot of things. The run for US President is in full swing and slogans are everywhere. What I am considering today is, do I wish it or am I praying for it? So, today's wishes will be the actual prayers of my heart today.

Yes, the infographic is exactly what I would love to see in my country: not Republican or Democrat, not liberal or conservative, but Godly no matter what your party. Now, in order to turn back to God, our churches need to take their place as powerful lights of hope in their communities. How do we do that? The Bible says in Nehemiah, "the joy of the Lord is our strength." Have you been in most churches lately? No one claps their hands or praises God with enthusiasm. The very same people who were screaming at the TV over grown people playing children's games 24 hours earlier can't be bothered to adore the ONE who made eternity in Heaven possible. I wish, I hope, and I pray that God will convict His children and remind them that our influence is supposed to be powerful and that power comes from the joy of our salvation, the blood of the Lamb and the words of our testimony. (Revelation 12) Lord, may it be so.

Families, step two is up to you. It is up to mamas and daddys to raise their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. (Ephesians 6). In a world filled with chaos and nonsense, it is YOUR responsibility to provide a home filled with Peace and Truth in the person of Jesus Christ. You need to be the first Bible your baby reads and the first Jesus they ever meet. This means putting down the phone, turning off the show with all the foul language, and praying, audibly, over your child on a daily basis. Pray that a hedge of protection will surround them (Job 1), that a host of angels will watch over them (Hebrews 1, 13), and that they come to saving knowledge of the Lord at an early age. Kids who know God intimately become adults who proclaim Him boldly. Yes, and amen!

Patriots, even non-Christian citizens benefit from an America who turns to God. There are rules and there are consequences for breaking them. This is Biblical and every civilization built on this premise prospers. It is not until the blessing of freedom makes the elite, ruling class arrogant that this foundation is eroded. Looking down on the "regular" people who do not spend hours everyday contemplating hundreds of genders or revisions of history, this group decides not to punish poor behavior. This emboldens the criminal element and more egregious crimes are committed sans consequence. Chaos ensues and we end up losing the very civilization that created the abundance that resulted in those very elites. This cycle can be seen in Rome, Greece, repeats and only we can stop it. There are no rights without responsibilities. There is no freedom without sacrifice. There is no independence without effort. God, help this country to turn her face to You!

I did not intend to write a sermon, but that is my heart today. Let us all pray for the reigniting of joy in our churches, peace in our homes, and the rule of law in our country. If we fail to make America Godly again, we will fall and all the world will suffer for it. This battle must be won on our knees.

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