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The REAL State of the Union: POV...Rural, 50-year old, College Educated, Christian, White, Female.

Updated: Apr 8

Using the "Highlights" from the SOTU address found here, I felt compelled to give voice to a perspective not often heard. The state of our Union is weak, broken, backward, Godless, indebted, and heading for disaster. When members of the current administration cannot even explain what a woman is, we must pause and consider what it means to be an American. And, then, we must do whatever is necessary to reinstate reason and wisdom as pillars of society.

The Civil War was an insurrection. January 6th, 2021 was trespassing. "Insurrection" is a very serious term and words matter. American Heritage Dictionary says that Insurrection means: "A rising against civil or political authority, or the established government; open and active opposition to the execution of law in a city or state". By this definition, okay, January 6th was insurrection. It was a demonstration against an election in which there were extreme irregularities if not extraordinary fraud. The inconvenient truth, however, is that there was no violence and no forced entry into the Capital. The video evidence clearly demonstrates that protesters were ushered into the building by Police. Why? Who knows? The deaths that occurred that day are unfortunate, but not attributable to those who entered the building. Two deaths, not 3000+ like 9/11, not the dozens attributed to Black Lives Matter. The REAL story of January 6th is the unequal distribution of justice, denial of civil liberties to those detained, and a court system issuing years of incarceration for what amounts to misdemeanor criminal trespass. President Biden's perpetuation of the "Myth of the Sixth" is disgraceful and beneath the dignity of the POTUS.

Abortion remains legal for most people in most states under most circumstances after the overturning of Roe V. Wade. In fact, the number of abortions performed since the SCOTUS decision that sent abortion laws back to the states has INCREASED. These are the indisputable facts available in this report and the CDC website. The obvious pandering to women by the POTUS through fear mongering about this "women's health issue" is an abomination. Abortion is not healthcare or birth control or "victimless". It has also not been significantly disrupted by the aforementioned SCOTUS decision. Abortion is an atrocity that I sincerely hope and pray will end in the USA, it just hasn't yet.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a less than eloquent representative who does speak for a lot of traditional Christians. Laken Riley should be alive and well and taking her midterms today. An out of control, manufactured border crisis is the reason she is dead and Joe Biden is to blame. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump had the border under control. That is a fact. Biden needs not one additional provision, permission, or Congressional approval to reinstate the very effective border policies of POTUS #45. Joe Biden is derelict in his duty to protect and preserve this nation. He is facilitating an invasion and, in my mind, is a traitor who should be tried and hanged. The beautiful, late Ms. Riley's parents should press charges. Have I been unclear?

Class division is for third graders. I do not want to hear one more insulting "statistic" about third grade teachers paying higher taxes than billionaires. It simply is not true. Anyone in the 49% of us who actually pay taxes understands that said billionaires are paying sales tax and property tax and taxes, FICA, benefits, SSI for all of their employees. On the off chance they actually pay little personal income tax, it is because they have paid enough taxes by other means. Personally, I would like to repeal the big government amendment that made taxing means of production possible. The founders knew very well that taxing working people eventually leads to people benefitting from not working. I will listen to a Democrat on tax policy when they pass a fair tax or flat tax or get rid of the income tax all together. Until then, shut your pie hole Brandon.

When it comes to Israel and "Palestinians", I have a single, narrow policy I believe the USA should embrace: There is no such thing as a "Palestinian". The people who resided in the West Bank in the absence of a Jewish nation are Egyptian and Jordanian. I am unapologetically pro-Israel. I care not a whit about what NATO, the UN, or anyone else thinks or says. I believe we should extract ourselves from all of those international extortionist organizations and make bilateral treaties on a case-by-case basis with countries with whom we share a set of values. One such country being Israel. Biden is going to fall off his Israel/Palestine fence and break a hip. Today is a day for choosing and I choose Israel.

I will not pretend I watched all of the SOTU address. Kamala acting like a jack-in-the-box while Sniffy Joe blathered on was beyond what I could absorb in prime time. Regardless, I have read it. I find it detestable and delusional. Sadly, that is also how I find POTUS #46 and most of the people in attendance on both sides of the aisle. How about this? Until Congress passes a BUDGET, their almost singular delineated duty in the Constitution, we prohibit its passing of ANYTHING! Until the POTUS closes the border and upholds the Constitution, we eliminate his ability to write executive orders or Presidential pardons. Until the DOJ actually ensures the laws we already have are ENFORCED and EQUALLY, we suspend their authority on everything else. We the people just want our country back. That's my perspective in one of the fly-over states.

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