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Personal Wordsmith: Published, officially!

I have been making up songs and writing poems as long as I can remember. When I was little, I would memorize monlogues and commercials and act them out on demand with great enthusiasm. I was singing in church at the age of two and I love words: writing them, singing them, saying them, helping others say them beautifully.

As of late, I have sensed a complete lack of vocabulary and story telling ability in younger generations. Telling a good story and having a wholesome laugh is literally part of American culture. Or, it used to be.

I want to do my part to bring back talking around the dinner table, reading as a family before bed and learning from interaction with other people, not screens. I really hope this first book is just the beginning. Nursery rhymes and bedtime stories are amazing tools for teaching children to think creatively and speak intelligently. Easing little minds to rest with silly images and encouraging words is my goal.

We live in a coarse culture. Christians, parents, and Americans need to take a step back into the more refined character that made our nation great. Bring back morals and relationships and patriotism or we may lose this light on a hill. Let's start by taking back the bedtime charming little girl at a time.

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