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Paperback: Introducing Charming Holly Chrystal

Be among the first to discover Charming Holly Chrystal, an innocent, inquisitive, old-fashioned new children’s character. Introducing Charming Holly Chrystal is the first book by independent author and publisher Personal Wordsmith (PW). The story is being released in honor of the 20th anniversary of the author’s father, Lewis Greer’s, passing. The character is loosely based on the childhood nickname Greer gave his talkative youngest daughter. A tribute to simpler times, the story follows Holly as she tries to understand the idioms adults often used to describe her. This short, silly story is written in whimsical verse and is appropriate for bedtime.

Personal Wordsmith is the DBA of Holly Rennels. In 2016, PW began as an Etsy shop featuring poems, prayers, and writing services. It is the realization of a language-obsessed little girl’s dream: to be paid for using words. Born in a small town in Georgia and residing in a small town in Illinois, the author longs to remind children that words matter and life should be simpler. Innocence and honesty are the morals of the story, as it were.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Sarah Ruff, the author’s work daughter. Their relationship began in retail and continues to blossom as a partnership between independent artists. Sarah is also a small-town girl who hails from central Illinois. This is her first book as well, but she is an accomplished artist who paints murals and other commissioned works.

Personal Wordsmith has already begun planning for a follow up book: Charming Holly Chrystal Has Siblings. The second book in the series is planned to launch Labor Day 2024. The introductory paperback book can be found under the ISBN: 979-8-218-30797-4. Presently, only the e-book is available on Amazon, Kobo, KdsWrd,, and Pre-orders for the book in print have begun and will be fulfilled in time for Christmas! Sixteen pages of sweet, simple, wholesome poetry await your little one. or is where you may pre-order a first run copy, hand numbered and signed by both the author and illustrator. Personalized messages available.

Many thanks to all who made this dream a reality. Follow and interact the character on Facebook, Twitter: @charminghollychrystal, Pinterest: CharmingHollyChrystal, Instagram: Charming Holly Chrystal, or TruthSocial: @charminghollychrystal.

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