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Personal Wordsmith (PW) began in 2016 as an experiment with a shop on Etsy. The shop offered everything from poetry to writing services to hand painted wine bottles! That first year, PW earned less than $500, but many lessons were learned and offerings refined.

The second year was only marginally more successful, but Holly, sole proprietor of PW, works around a full time job and family, so the information gleaned from that year was of much more value than dollars. PW's identity and perspective was becoming clear and the shop became more profitable with year over year growth of 100% for the next five years.

So, who is Personal Wordsmith? PW hopes to encourage the God fearing, family loving, country cherishing conservative believers who are underrepresented in current poetry, prose, children's books, and writing of all kinds. The goal is to become what would happen if Miss Manners married Dr. Seuss and produced a child whose grandparents were George Washington and C.S. Lewis.

The answer to a coarse culture is rediscovering the family and refining our children. The answer to wholly inappropriate "pride" and overt sexualization of kids is to reintroduce humility and the other fruit of the Spirit as the ideals to which we aspire. The answer to chaos and artificial "intelligence" is simplicity and real knowledge of the real things that really matter. PW hopes to play a tiny role in these positive changes through the gift of gab!

Please keep this little venture in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for reading and purchasing and following the journey. Say it beautifully, friends!

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