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Updated: Sep 22, 2023

What is #teamcharming? It is an effort to accomplish a few things in one fell swoop!

First, #teamcharming will be the "hype crew", the "early onboarders", the marketing army unleashed to, hopefully, spread the word about Introducing Charming Holly Chrystal.

One benefit of traditional publishing is the marketing and promotion established publishers can provide due to their vast network of connections in "the industry."

Independent authors, like Personal Wordsmith, have to develop their own, organic base of individuals willing to spread the word about their books. The e-book will be launching by month's end and the more people downloading, reading, posting, recommending, and reviewing, the better. This is an effort to come into community with a group of people who want a new era in children's literature. One with characters with old fashioned values, traditional families, faith, and fun. Before a print version can come to fruition, however, there must be a demand worthy of the initial cost!

That brings us to number two! The proceeds from this first merchandise will fund the initial printing. The first 250 books will be a special edition, hand numbered, and signed by both the author and the illustrator. #teamcharming will have the ebook for free and the first opportunity to purchase the special edition, first printing. #teamcharming will also have the first opportunity to purchase the board book which is planned for early 2024 at a great discount.

To join #teamcharming, simply sign up to receive all our announcements via email. Everyone on this list will be invited to download the e-book for FREE! To further support the book, purchase TEAM CHARMING merchandise on Personal Wordsmith's website, or Etsy shop. Those who do will be invited to purchase the limited edition, first printing of Introducing Charming Holly Chrystal at an introductory price that will not be publicly available.

Never fear, I would not ask a favor without offering an incentive in return. Coupon code TEAMCHARMING will get you 25% off anything you purchase through the end of October!

Your encouragement and support of this passion project for Personal Wordsmith is greatly appreciated. Your prayers for the author and the book are the most important support you can offer. Thank you for spreading the word! May God make His face to shine upon you and bring you peace!

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