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Just order here and use coupon code FREE EBOOK at check out to be among the first to read Introducing Charming Holly Chrystal

Personal Wordsmith has self-published an illustrated children’s book that is currently available as an e-book. This modern nursery rhyme is a short read appropriate for bedtime. Inspire your child’s imagination with full color illustrations and whimsical verse as Holly tries to understand idioms that seem to make no sense. Like a new friend who is instantly familiar, Charming Holly Chrystal will soon be your child’s favorite silly story.

Personal Wordsmith is owned and operated by Holly Rennels of Charleston, IL. For the last seven years she has been producing poetry and commissioned speeches in an Etsy shop. She recently upgraded her website and is now a children’s author and book publisher. A graduate of Fannin County High School in Blue Ridge, Georgia and the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, Holly is the married mother of two children who is finally realizing a childhood dream.

Introducing Charming Holly Chrystal was illustrated by Sarah Ruff of Tuscola, IL. Sarah is Holly’s “work daughter” from days when they were both in retail. A graduate of Eastern Illinois University and ALAH High School, Sarah is the married mother of one precious baby girl. She is living the dream of being both an illustrator and mural artist.

Both Holly and Sarah are still available for commissions, but hope this book leads to a series based on Holly’s very interesting family and childhood in a small town. The e-book is also available on Amazon (Kindle), Kobo, Kdswrd, Etsy, and Those wanting to download the book for FREE can do so only on, choosing e-book, adding to cart and using the coupon code FREE EBOOK until October 27th.

Pre-order for the book in print will continue through November 24, 2023 and may be accomplished through either the Etsy listing or

PLEASE like and share and tell your friends. Independent authors and artists like Holly and Sarah do all of their own promotion. Please also continue to pray for the success of this little venture.

May you be blessed and highly favored!

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