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COVER REVEAL: Introducing Charming Holly Chrystal

Do you want to support the creative efforts of independent writers, small businesses, and small-town artists? Today’s creative landscape is dominated by celebrity writers and large corporations. That is why Personal Wordsmith chose to forego the months long process of being traditionally published even though the opportunity was available. Instead, this first children’s book will be wholly written, edited, copyrighted, and published by Personal Wordsmith. Illustrations in the book were produced by Sarah Ruff.

Introducing Charming Holly Chrystal is the story of an inquisitive, talkative little girl who struggles to understand the idioms often used to describe her. Written in whimsical verse, this story is a quick read appropriate for bedtime your little one is sure to enjoy and quickly imitate. This book offers no agenda, just a sweet, innocent tale of a young lady with an adorable nickname.

Personal Wordsmith is the DBA of Holly Rennels. Holly is a resident of Charleston, Illinois who was born and raised in Mineral Bluff, Georgia. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia, and married mother of two hoping her side hustle grows into her encore career.

Sarah Ruff is a resident of Tuscola, Illinois and this is her inaugural book as an illustrator, as well. A graduate of Eastern Illinois University, Sarah is a Central Illinois native who is married with one infant daughter. She is an independent artist who focuses on illustration and murals.

The e-book is planned to launch on or before October 10th and will be followed by a paperback, board book, and audio book. Pre-orders are currently being taken here. Sign up for more information about the book by joining the newsletter email list. To further support the book launch, please join #teamcharming by purchasing some of our swag.

Please keep this project in your prayers! We are counting down to launch! God bless

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