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Charming Holly Chrystal Gets Social!

I know you are ready to see her, but Charming Holly Chrystal is not quite ready for her big reveal. Do not fret! It will not be long now! Officially, she has her very own social media accounts. These accounts are kid friendly, not political, safe spaces for children to engage with the character. There shall be no grooming or proselytizing or overt selling of things...just a fun interactive experience where "Holly" always answers in RHYME!

Friends, family, customers, and strangers...please help this little book make a big splash! If you are a user of facebook, please search: Charming Holly Chrystal and add her as your friend. Follow her and engage with her...let your littles ask her anything! It will not always be answered in "real time", of course...but she will do her best to answer quickly and in whimsical verse...that is her signature after all!

Charming Holly Chrystal is also on the X which looks like the Greek letter for Christ which used to be called Twitter. Elon has an affinity for strange names, after all. @CharmingHollyC will help you follow her there. Again, she always answers in a couplet or quatrain!

If you want to see her reels on the "insta", this is where you will want to go! There will be some rhyming here, but mostly information and great reveals!

Finally, Charming Holly Chrystal will have a Pinterest presence. So, follow, engage, repost at will!

May God be with you and keep you, may He watch over your every move and give you peace!

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