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Careful Little Eyes What You See, Or Show Your Friends

Oh, social media makes this one especially difficult. Sharing and over sharing and completely inappropriate sharing are all too common. In today's language, this rule might say, "Do not attempt to frighten, shock, or amaze your friends with inappropriate images or sayings." President Washington would most certainly be appalled by how far this particular standard of civil society has been all but obliterated.

Civil society relies on open, honest discussions. We cannot be so foul and disagreeable that we cannot even have conversations. Social media opens up more opportunities for people to pontificate without any resistance to their ideals or opinions. This is not conversation. We are losing our ability and, perhaps, willingness, to understand each other because we are speaking into nothingness and only consuming opinions that confirm our own. If we are to return to a civil society, this must stop. Immediately. Take a look at this list of recommended rules for sharing.

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