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Aesop's The Eagle and The Arrow...a tragic lesson

Have you ever had a horrible life experience only to realize the events leading up to it were your own doing? For instance, you rushed into a friendship and confided in someone only to have your secret spread across the county in moments. Or, you shared a project or idea with a friend only to have them take credit or use it against you.

The synopsis of this story is that an eagle is struck by an arrow that has an eagle feather on it. The eagle cries out as he dies " how much sharper are the wounds made with weapons we supplied?"

I fear this is where the American church finds itself today. We have permitted the world around us to define who we are, whom we serve, what we believe and what "love" is. Our kindness has been perceived as weakness and the enemies of God have pounced. Right now there are weak pastors and political games played in the one place that should be free of both weakness and politics. Within the Body of Christ, there is no room for pettiness or pretentiousness or pandering of any kind for favor with the very world against which we are to stand in defiant opposition. We are visitors on this earth, we are not part of the world. It's time we stop letting others tell us who we are and how we can serve. The Bible already did. Stand up and take your place.

Of course, families are suffering from self-destruction as well. Porn addicted, derelict parents who are status obsessed and consumed by busyness have missed the mark, to say the least. Home is not a construct of convenience or some ill defined white supremacy. The home is a respite, an oasis, a peaceful sanctuary when it operates in a Biblical manner. That is not to say there will not be difficulties in well run homes. But, when they arise, if children trust parents and respect is shown to everyone, difficulties are overcome and there is growth. Otherwise, there is the chaos in which many live today. Our success in education and wealth building and technology have become the very weapons the world is using to wreak havoc on our homes. It is time to take our peace back, too.

As for our country, well...the kindness as weakness theory abounds. No amount of resources, diplomatic placation or virtue signaling will ever make the mullahs like us. Ever. It is high time we stop worrying about being liked and start worrying about the world falling to the evil that plagues the middle east. We need to take the bridle off our only real friend in the region, Israel, and let the chips fall where they may. We need to stop feeding the corruption of countries like Ukraine and start rooting out the corruption we have right here. Close the border, end the reign of the cartel, unplug from the cabal and be the land of the free and home of the brave. The little dogs will stand under the porch if we take our place. The very resources we are currently employing to buy momentary peace will fund our destruction if we do not.

I am loathe to quote Napoleon, but we should "never interrupt our enemy when he is making a mistake." Likewise, we should never let an enemy take what we intended for good and turn it against us. If we are to remain the beacon of hope to the world we must restore the church as the backbone of society, reclaim our homes as our havens, and repel the forces of darkness that present themselves as enemy armies. Life will still injure us, but at least we won't be handing the weapon to our adversary.

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