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A Donkey, A Rooster, and a Lion: A Modern Lesson

Aesop gave this little fable a more potentially offensive title, so I made it rated G. Regardless, this tale has a very important moral: Presumption begins in ignorance and ends in ruin. Now, for those educated after the 80's I will break those big words down to explain how critically important this moral is as the 2024 election and the return of Jesus approach.

Presumption is pervasive in the world today. From reality TV to the perpetual highlight reel of social media, we are steeped in our presumptions about other people. The truth? Most people have doubts about their own abilities. Most people struggle with their identity at some point. Most people have triggers and anxiety of some kind...most people are not as happy as their audience might PRESUME. Do not presume. Do not compare yourself to other people and do NOT let envy or jealousy rob you of your own journey.

Ignorance is bliss, some have said, but in the real world, ignorance is a prison. There has never been more information available to more people in more vehicles in human history. Unfortunately, most people will not avail themselves of the information from a credible source and, therefore, remain willfully ignorant. The world in which we live has divided into camps and put their proverbial fingers in their ears if someone from a different camp dares to speak out of faction. It's ridiculous.

Ruin is not just something we can't explain about the Maya. Ruin is the upending of a career, the dissolution of a family, or the abrupt destruction of a life. In the aforementioned story, the donkey and rooster have cohabitated on a farm for a long time. A lion walks by, spots the healthy donkey and begins to salivate. The Rooster, knowing lions apparently do not like the sound of crowing, begins to crow. The lion absconds.

After PRESUMING the lion was too terrified to pursue him, the donkey follows after the lion in mockery. The lion proceeds to turn around and make a meal of the donkey. How many times have presumptions led to demise? Answer: ALL. THE. TIME.

So, never presume you have all the information because you have one anecdotal experience. Do not presume an "enemy" is no longer a threat because they left the conflict for a moment. And, never, absolutely never, should we presume that a little crowing can keep a predator from ultimately seizing his prey.

Spiritually, this is of critical importance. Even when a demon or sin is "conquered" we must be leery of temptation and avoid flirting with evil. In our families, we must guard against any outside force, like public schools and a woke agenda, sneaking and lurking outside our homes to infiltrate the innocent minds of our children. For our country, we need to close the back door. Israel is surrounded, and countries which would cheer for our demise could be sending sleeper troops through our southern border. We cannot presume only poor, refugees fleeing persecution walk in and take a ticket. We must be diligent. The lesson of this fable plays in every aspect of our lives.

So, the 21st century lesson? Don't believe everything you hear. Consider the source, always. Make no presumption of victory. Vigilance over our church, home, and country must never be abandoned.

May God bless and keep you all in perfect peace with abundant discernment and wisdom.

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