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Three Wishes for Ward and June Cleaver...A simpler, more innocent time

I just how a lot of people begin a lot of sentences. Whether from a fantasy of utopia, like the American classic "Leave it to Beaver" or just a hope in a heart, wishes should be entertained and examined. Why are they only wishes? Can they become goals? These are the deeper questions I am currently pondering as I reflect upon the most prosperous times in US history.

I just wish Christ's followers would act like Christ. Of course, none of us is perfect like Jesus, but we could do a lot better. Whether from sinful pride or allegiance to a status quo, many churches are not the safe harbors for sinking souls they are supposed to be. Many are judge, jury, and executioner of true seekers with difficult questions. When in doubt, default to the Word; both the Bible and the Savior. Therein lies the answer and what one may think has no bearing on the matter. God has spoken. It's time we listened.

I just wish beta males would stop destroying themselves and everyone around them. It is not masculinity that is toxic, it is the casual sexual behavior in all its forms that destroys men and families. It is a dangerous dance with sinful behavior that may begin as a curious audience with a racy movie that develops into a full-blown addiction to pornography or "non touching" intimate encounters. Nothing has suffered more at the hands of the internet than holy men and healthy families. Real men are not toxic, they are in short supply, but they are essential if homes and civil societies are to stand. We need men like Ward Cleaver who do more than go to work for their families.

I just wish career politicians did not exist. Citizen servants, a government of/by/for the people are all but forgotten, but that is what made America great. A congress that serves the electorate rather than themselves is something not seen in this country in at least a generation. A justice department that does not pursue justice, but seeks to punish political rivals is not a department that is just. Washington D.C. is broken and only we, the people, can fix it.

I just wish so many things: that every child was born into a loving two parent family financially ready to raise them in the fear and admonition of the Lord and educate them to behave civilly and think critically. I wish these children were proud of their country and would seek to serve God by improving their nation as citizen servants. And, I wish their country still stood for freedom and justice. This is the hope and prayer of my heart. Lord, give us the leaders who will bring back the traditional, Amercian familial experience we associate with the Cleavers. May it be so.

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