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CHARACTER REVEAL: Introducing Charming Holly Chrystal!

Meet a brand-new character in children's literature. She is based on the childhood nickname of Personal Wordsmith. This image will grace the cover of the book. She's rambunctious and precocious and filled with questions about everything. For the purposes of the book and her social media pages, Holly speaks exclusively in whimsical verse. In other words, she likes to rhyme all the time!

What is the point of a short little rhyming children's book? It is two-fold, actually. It is a tribute to the author's late father as well as her living mother. Based on a childhood nickname, Charming Holly Chrystal is a throwback to a simpler time. Secondly, words have power and children need to be children. Many newer books for kids have an agenda. This book just wants to communicate traditional values, a sense of humor, and a cute little poem appropriate for bedtime.

When will the book be available to purchase? One week from today the eBook is scheduled to go live! Barring unforeseen circumstances, the initial offering will be absolutely free to download onto kindle, ipad, or other devices that support e-reading for a limited time. The print version is planned for a November release, but pre-sales begin October 1!. More to come on that! The board book version for toddlers will release in time for Easter and will coincide with the release of the audio book read by the author herself!

If you follow the blog or have signed up for the email newsletter, you will be informed when the links go live and your FREE download is available!

How can you help? Sign up for the newsletter here; follow Charming Holly Chrystal on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Truth Social. Engage with the character and pose questions and share, share, share! The more attention the book receives, the more likely new characters will be introduced who teach your little ones good manners, self respect, and a phenomenal vocabulary! You may also pre-order the printed version of the book and support #teamcharming by buying one of the t-shirts or totebags.

With a grateful heart I bid you adieu

May God richly bless and favor you!

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